IAAF CECS Level II Lecturer Refresher Course in Beijing

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2017-10-24

On October 16-20, 2017, the IAAF CECS Level II lecturer Refresher Course was successfully completed by IAAF RDC Beijing in Capital University of Physical Education and Sports. The participants who passed the exams would be appointed as the CECS Level II lecturers or assistant lecturers, and hold the IAAF CECS Level II courses for the member federations.



The professor from Athletics Section of Beijing Sport University Mr. Yingbo Zhang, and the director of RDC Jakarta Mr. Ria Lumintuarso, were appointed by IAAF as the lecturers of this course. All together 11 participants from the member federations of Mongolia, Vietnam, DPR Korea, Macao China, and China attended this Course.



In this course, two lecturers led the sessions covering topics such as IAAF CECS Structure, Practical Events Planning, Presentation Preparation, etc. In accordance with the course program, all the participants took part in the written examination, the theoretical examination, and the practical examinations.