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IAAF CECS Level I lecturers Refresh Course in Beijing

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2016-11-03

On October 26-30, 2016, IAAF CECS Level I lecturers Refresh Course was successfully completed by IAAF RDC Beijing. This course was arranged in accordance with the new three-level IAAF CECS structure implemented since 2016, and the purpose was to conduct the continuing education and the re-certification for those participants who had already got the IAAF Level I Lecturers certification. The relation between the new three-level IAAF CECS structure and the old five-level IAAF CECS structure is as following:

                                     The new three-level IAAF CECS Structure (implemented from 2016)
                                           2007 - 2015                            2016----
                                     Old CECS Level V                 IAAF Academy
                                     Old CECS LeveI IV            New CECS Level III                Event Group Elite
                                     Old CECS Level III             New CECS Level II           Event Group Specilization
                                     Old CECS Level II              New CECS level I                     All the Events
                                     Old CECS Level I             Kid's Athletics Activator

Prof. Yingbo Zhang and Prof. Biyu Zhang, both from Athletics Section of Beijing Sport University, were appointed by IAAF as the lecturers of this course. All together 17 participants from the member federations of Japan, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, DPR Korea, Hong Kong • China, Macao • China, Chinese Taipei, and China attended this Course.
In this course, two lecturers led the sessions covering topics such as IAAF CECS Structure, Practical Events Planning, Presentation Preparation, etc. In accordance with the course program, all the participants took part in the written examination, the theoretical examination, and the practical examinations.