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2016 Road Course Measurement Seminar in Beijing

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2016-06-06

On May 25-30, 2016, the Road Course Measurement Seminar was held in IAAF RDC • Beijing. All together 12 people (male) from the member federations of D.P.R. Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong • China, Macao • China and Chinese Taipei attended this seminar.

In this seminar, the vice President of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races), Mr. Dave CUNDY (AUS), was invited as the lecturer. Mr. Wang Tak FUNG (HKG), one of the International Grade A Measurers, was the assistant lecturer. The aim of this seminar is to train the participants to learn the road course measurement techniques in accordance with the standards of the IAAF-AIMS.

The seminar consists of both theoretical and practical sessions. In the theoretical sessions, the lecturers delivered the presentations of equipment required for measurement, selecting and measuring a calibrated course, calibrating the bicycles, measuring a road race course, adjusting the road race course, calculating the length of the road race course as well as documentation of measurement reports; In the practical sessions, the participants learned the way to fix Jones Counter to the bicycle, the selection and measurement of a calibrating course, the calibration of the bicycles, the designing and survey of road course as well as the adjustment of road course.