IAAF High Level Seminar for Women's Pole Vault

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2014-05-06

On April 20-23, 2014, the IAAF High Level Seminar for Women's Pole Vault was held by IAAF RDC•Beijing. Totally 16 coaches and athletes participated in this course who were from the Member Federations of Korea, Vietnam, China, and Chinese Taipei.

Mr. Damien Inocencio (FRA) and Mr. Zhou Tiemin (CHN), either top level pole vault coach in the world or in Asia, were invited to be the lecturers of this course. The good combination of international and local lecturers made this IAAF women’s activity more fruitful to all participants. Mr. Damien Inocencio conducted the sessions covering topics such as, Characteristics of Pole Vault and French Training Idea, Pole Vault Training Methods from Beginners to World Level Athletes, Running and Lower Body Exercises as well as Technical Exercises; Mr. Zhou Tiemin presented lecturers of the Gap between Pole Vault Levels of Asia and the World, Introduction of Technical Exercises, Key Elements of Pole Vault Specific Conditioning, Specific Conditioning and Training of Pole Vault.