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IAAF Kids Athlete Instructor Courses was Held in Beijing

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2014-05-03

In order to promote faster development of IAAF Kids Athlete in China, introduce the advanced ideas and experience of Kids athlete in overseas, and further improve the level of teaching and training of China's Track and Field primary school PE teachers. ''IAAF Kids Athlete's Instructor Courses'' was held on 16-17 May, 2009 at IAAF RDC. Beijing. More than 30 primary schools' PE teachers from the 30 districts and counties of Beijing participated in the courses. In the courses, Dr. Sun Nan, the Executive Director of IAAF RDC .Beijing, Mr. Huang Wei, the Director of Youth department of Chinese Athletic Association, Mr. Gao Yongqiang, the General Manager of Sunshine Sports Development Corporation of IAAF, for a welcome speech on behalf of the organizers of courses to the teachers.

The courses were taught by three professional lecturers of IAAF. After studying the theory and practice, all teachers have more understanding to the Kids Athlete of IAAF, moreover, mastering the use of various types of equipment and the methods of activities organized. After the exam on 17 May, Dr. Sun Nan, the Executive Director of IAAF RDC .Beijing awarded the Qualification Certificate of ''IAAF Kids Athlete's Instructor Courses'' for the teachers. At the same time, Dr. Sun Nan also said that the center will organize regular the ''IAAF Kids Athlete's Instructor Courses'' in China, Strive to use 5 years or so to popularize and apply the IAAF Kids Athlete at the primary and secondary schools whole china, improve the level of physical health of youth in our country, and also promote the popular and enhance.

IAAF Kids Athlete was launched by IAAF, the aim was to introduce the basic knowledge and skills of Track and Field for the kids, and also try to merge the passion, challenge and recreation in Track and Field. IAAF RDC .Beijing introduced the IAAF Kids athlete from IAAF in 2008, the project was drafted and promoted by the General Headquarters of IAAF, and Systematically resolved many problems for the Sports teaching and training of young people at present, and also was widely used in the Educational Institutions of developed countries in Europe and the United States, moreover, became the authority and scientific education solutions all over the world.