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IAAF Youth Seminar was Successfully Completed in Beijing

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2014-05-03

On October 11-14, 2010, IAAF Youth Seminar was held in IAAF RDC Beijing. This seminar was staged at Sport Science Forum (Sport Science Research Center) in Beijing Sport University where the process of this seminar can be put on the Internet simultaneously. 

Different from the previous IAAF CECS Level I Lecturers Courses, this seminar mainly focused on the contents of athletic courses for middle school students (young athletes) of 13-15 years old. The objective of this program was to fill the gap between Kid Athletics and the official championships, and bring excitement into playing Athletics as well. Therefore, this seminar was of great significance to the teenagers who were at their critical period of growth and maturation. 

The lecturer, Mr. Abdel Malek El Hebil , was from IAAF MSD, and Professor Yingbo Zhang from Athletics Section of Beijing Sport University was the co-lecturer as well as the interpreter. All together 26 participants from the member federations of Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong•China attended this seminar. With the organization and assistance of RDC Beijing, the lecturers and the students had a close cooperation with each other and had a good time together during this seminar.