Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2014-04-29

The establishment of RDCs (Regional Development Centres) is the important component of development strategy of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations). The objective is to widely and deeply develop athletics all round the world. As branches of IAAF, totally nine RDCs are located respectively in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. Among all the International Sports Organizations, only IAAF has such a network of governing bodies.


IAAF RDC.Beijing was founded on October 26,1994. Directed by IAAF, its main function is to support and serve the Asian athletics development of Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, D.P.R. Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong-China and Macao-China; also as a bridge for the communication of IAAF and the above-mentioned Federations.


IAAF.RDC.Beijing is on the campus of Beijing Sport University. It has been equipped with good office, teaching and training facilities. It has also set up proper co-operation with IOC (International Olympic Committee), AAAA (Asian Athletics Association), COC (Chinese Olympic Committee) as well as Beijing Sport University.

According to the characteristics of Asian area and IAAF development strategy and plans, IAAF EDC.Beijing has successfully hosted a variety of education and exchange activities since its founding. After the above activities, many people in Asian athletics family became the International Race Walking Judges, IAAF TOECS (Technical Official Education and Certification System) and IAAF CECS (Coaches Education and Certification System) Level I lecturers, and International Road Course Measurers.


In order to strengthen the cultivation of the young talents, RDC holds "Youth Athletics Summer Camp in Asia" each year. Due to the rich activities and good training effect, the Summer Camp is popular among the Athletic Federations in Asia and the number of the participants is increasing annually. Athletes from Mongolia, Japan and Chinese Taipei have broke their national (or regional) record, or junior record in these training camps. Cooperated with China Great Wall Academy and Beijing Shisanling Special Zone, IAAF RDC.Beijing also holds "Juyongguan Great Wall International Climbing Competition"annually, and makes it a successive event.

Many celebrities both at home and abroad have visited IAAF RDC.Beijing in cluding Dr. Primo Nebiolo, the former IAAF President; Mr. Arne Ljungqvist, the Vice President of IAAF; Mr. Helmut Digel, the Vice President of IAAF and the President of German Athletic Association; the former President of State Sport Commission of China, Mr. Wu Shaozu; Mr He Zhenliang, the honorary President of Chinese Olympic Commettee; the Vice President of State Sport General Administration of China, Mr. Duan Shijie; Mr. Lou Dapeng, the Vice President of IAAF and the Consultant of Chinese Athletic Association; Mr. Istvan Gyulai, the General Secretary of IAAF; Mr. Tu Mingde, the  former General Secretary of Chinese Olympic Committee; Mr. Maurice Nicholas, the General Secretary of AAAA; Mr. Elio Locatelli, Director of IAAF Member Services Department.


IAAF RDC.Beijing and its affiliated Asian member federations often visit each other and have set up good cooperative relationship extensively. IAAF RDC.Beijing attaches great importance to the goal of passing on the direction and spirit of IAAF to the Asian member federations. At the same time, it provides IAAF with suggestions and advice from each member federation. In addition, RDC actively promotes communication and cooperation among its member federations. IAAF RDC.Beijing has devoted itself to serving the member federations in Asia for a long time. For example, RDC.Beijing assisted the Mongolian Athletics Federation and Macao Athletics Federation in successfully organizing their "Athletic Coaches Seminars", and also assisted Macao Athletics Federation in solving related problems concerning major athletics event preparation.

IAAF RDC.Beijing publishes 3-4 issues of IAAF RDC.Beijing Bulletin, with well-organized content and superb printing quality. The bulletins are distributed to IOC, IAAF, AAAA, Member Federations in Asia, other 8 RDCs, various provincial and municipal sport administration bureaus in China, and all the participants ever taking part in the activities held by IAAF RDC.Beijing.

In order to promptly spread advanced technology information and materials throughout the world, IAAF RDC.Beijing has translated and published a plenty of books and audio-video technical materials, such as "Introduction to Basic Coaching Theory", "Techniques of Athletics and Teaching Prograssions", "IAAF Medical Manual", "The Techniques of Athletics(bilingual)", "Photo Series Poster of World Top Level Athletics Athletes Technique", "World Athletics Technique Series(VCD)", "Technique Collection of World Championships in Athletics (VCD)". These materials are popular both in China and other areas where Chinese is spoken.

IAAF RDC.Beijing currently plans to enlarge its undertaking by assisting some federations in cultivating their top athletes, organizing competitions and some scientific research activities, publishing more kinds of athletic books, enriching the content of website, etc.. It will bring its functions into full play, improve its service quality, and continue to extend its influence so as to contribute more to the athletics in Asia.