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IAAF Academy Elite Coach Course on Race Walking

作者: RDC Beijing | 来源: RDC Beijing | 发布日期:2014-04-28

On January 4-9, 2013, the IAAF Academy Elite Coach Course on Race Walking was held by IAAF RDC•Beijing. Totally 7 elite coaches (6 men and 1 woman) participated in this course who were from the Member Federations of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, China, and Chinese Taipei. In addition, Chinese Athletic Association also chose 19 high level Race Walking coaches to attend this course, including Ms. Wang Liping who won the gold medal in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Women's 20km Race Walking event.


Mr. Antonio LA TORRE (ITA), Mr. ZHONG Bingshu (CHN, Capital University of Physical Education), Mr. ZHANG Liwei (CHN, Beijing Sport University), Mr. CAO Jianmin (CHN,BSU), Mr. ZHANG Yingbo (CHN,BSU) and Mr. WANG Lin (CHN,BSU) were invited to be the lecturers of this course. Mr. Antonio LA TORRE presented lectures and led the sessions covering topics such as, Physiological Demands & Predictors to Endurance and Race Walking Performance, Strength and Conditioning for Race Walking Events, Development of General and Specific Endurance from 20 to 50 km Race Walks, Performance Evaluation in Race Walking and Training Programs for Elite Athletes;  Mr. ZHONG Bingshu presented lectures of Managing Athlete Career Transitions and Coach/Athlete Relationships; Mr. ZHANG Liwei had a complete introduction of the Psychological Preparation of Elite Athletes; Mr. CAO Jianmin delivered the lecture of Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids; Mr. ZHANG Yingbo introduced the theory of Recovery and Regeneration; Mr. WANG Lin delivered the lecture of Hypoxic Training for Endurance Races: Altitude Training.

At the end of this course, the participants gave high praise to the lecturers on their knowledge and lecturing.